Team Imagine Singh

Everything begins with a spark. So did the journey for Inderpal Singh (Imagine Singh) as a Creativity campaigner.

It all began with being aware of the multitude & cross dimensional  thought processes that hit us every day , leading to chaos, confusion  and  restlessness within. It can bog us down.  But if taken positively,  one can harness the underlying energy. Decoding it was a challenge and intrigued imagine Singh .“Creativity is at the edge of Chaos” was the answer.

Years of immersive research in the field of creativity has lead him to perfect the discipline of creativity into a scientific process.

Everybody is creative, as we are all God’s creations. Then where is the hiccup.Creativity  is often assumed to be a natural skill – a gift rather than a science or a process. 

Being a creativity campaigner, Imagine Singh is helping individuals  discover their Creative selves; and analyze situations with a new perspective. Corporates, Educational Institutes, Media Houses have been greatly benefited through his creativity workshops.

As a creativity campaigner his objective is to create awareness about  creativity that resides in each one of us and empowers us to live at our Creative best.

Make Creativity a way of Life. Imagine Singh Believes that if  everybody follows  the mantra “I must Imagine”  in spirit, we could  create a Better World.

Japneet Kaur is also a Creativity enthusiast and a free spirited Artist. With a Masters Degree in Arts and a B.Ed qualification her journey till date has been full of learning- Learning while teaching. Over the years she has Worked as an Art teacher in number of schools & she loves Art as much as she loves to Teach art. Her art workshops are always full of Fun and Colour.

Beginning with an individual, Team Imagine Singh is dedicated to bring about a culture of Creativity in Corporates, Education system and society at large. Make Creativity a way of Life.