Workshops for one and all. For teachers, students, C.E.Os, managers, Artists, Free-lancers and any body willing to understand the process of creativity and looking to improve upon his creative skills. Workshops are tailor-made depending upon the size, nature and requirement of the audience. Workshop topics are –

  • A) The process of Creativity
  • B) How to make Ideas happen
  • C) Acting Workshop
  • D) Writing Workshop
  • E) Teaching through Drama / Creativity


The primary aim of any talk is to inspire us to dream and achieve. Imagine Singh’s talks do precisely this. He inspires you to dream BIG and shows you the way to achieve the same. Topics are are highly specialised and unconventional. Depending on the exact outcome required topics are chosen. Thereafter talks are framed keeping in mind the size and nature of the audience. And boom……. Delivered !!!

  • A) Creativity & Chaos
  • B) Creativity & Emotional Intelligence
  • C) Creativity & Risk
  • D) Creative Temperament
  • E) Water Works – Lessons of life from water
  • F) Stars & beyond
  • G) History of Cinema
  • H) History of Theatre

Crash course in Creativity & imagination

The is the new age course. A course beyond boundaries which will help you to realise your Creative potential in short span of time. The topics will give you an idea as to why this is unique, useful and a pre-requisite to a happy personal life and a successful professional life. It’s all about Learning to be positive in life & coming out with ideas that are original and useful. This program will prepare you for the toughest examination called LIFE by using your greatest resource imagination and Creativity. This program would cover the following topics –

  • 1) What is Creativity ?
  • 2) Temperament of a creative personality
  • 3) The process of Creativity ?
  • 4) Emotional Intelligence
  • 5) Creativity & Chaos
  • 6) Making Ideas happen
  • 7) Environment for Creativity
  • 8) Myths related to creativity
  • 9) Creativity & Risk
  • 10) Let’s get CreActive !!!

Scripts & Jingles

English, Hindi or Punjabi this is the one stop shop for all your scripting requirements. From jingles to ad-films and from Corporate films to writing for museums we do it all.

Acting Assignments

Feature Films, ad-films, short films or TV serials if you are looking for a versatile multilingual Sikh actor you have landed at the correct place. The showreel is attached down below as we believe work speaks better.


Our first book written by imagine Singh would be out soon .

Brain Storming Facilitation

People in creative field of work have intense brain storming sessions. The same is the case with the Research & Development departments of different Companies looking to innovate on existing line of products. And very often they get struck at dead-ends. Imagine Singh not only facilitates such sessions but also contributes the brain storming sessions with his range of knowledge and knack for making seemingly un-related Subjects match in a way unthought off before. Also his dose of humour keeps the sessions alive and flowing. It would be fun and productive to try him out and we bet that your Brain-storming sessions would never br same again !!!

Creativity Coaching

Many a times people do not know what they are capable of .They just feel the chaos and the restlessness within. All they know is they are not happy and feel creatively unsatisfied. It is at this point that creativity coach can step in and give direction to their raw energy and help them channelize it. Creativity coach is a mentor, friend and a guide who helps you develop your creative and Humanistic talents. Whether you are an actor, writer, designer, scientist, musician or a person with any other creative bent, a creativity coach ensures that your creative and emotional obstacles are taken care off. A creativity coach is like a person who not only finds diamonds but also polishes them. A Creativity Coach is a friend for Life !