From the bottom of the heart team Imagine Singh believes that every soul on this planet is creative because we all are God almighty’s creations. It’s only about discovering the uniqueness within. Beginning with an individual, team Imagine Singh is dedicated to bring about a culture of Creativity in Corporates, Education system and society at large. Make Creativity a way of Life. Our mantra is simple –

I must imagine, I must create
To change the world, it’s never too late
i must Ïmagine

Inderpal Singh

Inderpal Singh is a writer, an actor, an author and a creativity campaigner. His passion for understanding the art and science of creativity and spreading awareness about it is as strong as his passion for expressing his creativity. He enjoys playing the catalyst to bring forth creativity of people who either do not get a chance to express it or are unaware of their own creative potential. IN short he is Ïmagine Singh.

Japneet Kaur

Japneet Kaur is also a Creativity enthusiast and a free spirited Artist. With a Masters degree in arts and a B.Ed qualification, her journey till date has been full of learning- learning while teaching. Over the years she has worked as an art teacher in number of schools & she loves art as much as she loves to teach art. Her art workshops are always full of Fun and Colour.