This is a basic course designed to introduce the subject of Creative Writing. A course that would demystify the subject and give the participants a clarity about what it is and what is not. In nut-shell it will help them to choose their exact line of interest in writing.

Class-wise breakdown of online CreatÏve Writing Course

  1. Introduction to Creative writing – what is creative writing? Some basic rules for writing a story
  2. The process of creativity – 5 Is
  3. Long Fiction
  4. Genre and speculative fiction
  5. Writing Drama
  6. Writing poetry
  7. Life Writing
  8. Travel writing
  9. Science writing
  10. Creative writing and new mediar

The Audience

Aspiring Authors, Copywriters, Teachers, Students, Journalists, Story tellers- in fact anyone with a passion for writing.  

The Takeaways

1. Get to know different genres of creative writing.
2. Get an opportunity to explore and play with your imagination and creativity.
3. Exclusive sessions on process of creativity and idea generation.
4. Get a certificate at the end of the course.

This is an introductory course in acting. Participant will be introduced to important schools of acting including Stanislavsky and Meisner. Students will get to know about the 9 rasas (emotions) of acting.

Class-wise breakdown of online basic course in ActÏng

  1. Introduction to different schools of acting – Plus monologues by students
  2. Constantin Stanislavski – Method Acting – Emotion Memory
  3. Meisner school of acting
  4. Introduction to Natyashastra + Rasas of acting + The first Rasa – Rati or love
  5. Hasya / Humour
  6. Karuna / compassion
  7. Rudra / Anger
  8. Veer / Heroic
  9. Bhayanka / fear
  10. Bibhasta / Disgust and Adbut / Wonder

The Audience

Actors, Aspiring Actors, Students of drama and film, Drama Teachers, Teachers wanting to use drama as a tool for teaching, Story tellers, Voice over artists and anyone with a passion for acting.

The Takeaways

  1. Get to know the subject of acting.
  2. Learn to audition well.
  3. Overcome stage fear.
  4. Improve your communication skills.
  5. Improve your acting skills.
  6. Know what it takes to succeed as an actor. 

This an exclusive course designed to empower participants with the art and Science of creativity and imagination. To make them aware of their Creative potential and help them become creative individuals. To nudge them into their Creative oceans and enable them to swim smoothly with  grace.

Class-wise breakdown for online Crash Course in CreatÏvÏty

  1. What is Creativity ??? The universally accepted definition of creativity
  2. Temperament of Creative personality
  3. Creativity & Chaos
  4. Process of Creativity – 5 Is of creative personality
  5. Emotional Intelligence
  6. Laws of imagination – The Power of Ïf
  7. How to make ideas happen – Action method
  8. Lateral Thinking
  9. Fears & Blocks to creativity + Environment for creativity
  10. How to lead a creative life

The Audience

(Aspiring as well as practising) Writers, Painters, Actors, Musicians, Singers, Scientists, Teachers, Managers, Cooks, Engineers and all those looking to lead satisfied creative life. In fact – Anybody & Everybody   

The Takeaways

  1. Discover your creativity & imagination.
  2. Understand the process of creativity.
  3. Learn Idea generation techniques.
  4. Become emotionally Intelligent.
  5. Turn your passion into profession.