Today’s cinema has opened up and become more inclusive as an Industry. The barrier to the entry into Television and cinema world have gone down to quite an extent. But even in these liberal and open times to enter TV & film industry and become successful actor hard work, Talent, Training and the divine hand is required.


These are questions that keep on lingering in the minds of aspiring actors For those aspiring to become successful actors our workshops is just not only provide platform but also act as a lauch pad for entry into the TV and Film world.

From Stanislavsky to Chekov and Uta Hagen to Sanford Meisner an actor is introduced to and trained different schools of acting. During the course of workshop an actor gets to know about different elements of acting. The course ends with an orientation for aspiring actors on how to move ahead in their careers towards becoming successful actors. Actors also get performance cum a show reel & portfolio .