Whether you are a writer or a painter, actor or Director, musician or a researcher or into any other creative profession, this workshop has been tailored exclusively for creative artists . Our workshop will help you expand your creative horizon and scale a new level.

Most of the creative professionals get into a monotonous and exhausting routine of churning out creatives day in and day out. Coupled with client deadlines and marketing constraints, creatives feel their best ideas have only one place – Dustbins ! This does not help the cause of creativity. This often demoralizes people in creative domain. They in turn tend to develop fear of coming out original ideas and develop a habit of coming out with client friendly creatives thereby killing the genius within.


I must Imagine workshops helps creative professionals rediscover their unique streak of creativity. It makes them fresh, jumping with their own set of ideas, ready to explore. Most of the times these workshops become as defining moments in the life for a number of participants. Ready to take on the world with their own unique brand of creativity believing strongly in – I must Imagine, I must Create.