J. P. Guilford (1950) asked in his inaugural address to the American Psychological Association why schools were not producing more creative persons. He also asked, “Why is there so little apparent correlation between education and creative productiveness” ? A question so much valid and relevant even today after almost sixty five years.

Most children are naturally curious and highly imaginative. Then, after they have attended school for a while, something happens. They become more cautious and less innovative. Worst of all, they tend to change from being participators to being spectators.


Also Teachers are next to God after parents, for they are the ones who shape the destinies of students and in course, of nations. But unfortunately in the prevailing education scenario they do tend to get inconspicuously trapped in a mechanical cycle of their daily routines- functioning just as well oiled machines.  Result – their creative enthusiasm and traits get lost.

This is what they pass down the line to the children. But if teachers are equipped with the Knowledge of creativity, not only can they become better and happier individuals themselves, they can actually make a world of difference to a child’s creative development who in turn can make this a different and better world altogether.

The same is true about colleges and professional  Institutions. Engineering, finance History, physics, Mathematics, psychology, English or any other field we need to break out of the routine and start exploring. It’s time for each one of us to say I must Imagine.