There is never a better feeling for an artist than to relax, imagine and create a colourful world of his own. His canvas is his creation and the way he colours it conveys his feelings. Paintings have always been one of the finest expressions of Human creativity and imagination.

And then there are those who can paint and flirt with brush and colours but are unaware of it.

And those who want to do magic on canvas but are looking for someone to show them the way.


I must Imagine workshops are for those who want to liberate the child within to colour the world with their imagination. Through these workshops we ensure that the artist within is put on the road to creativity.

The workshops would include Water Colour painting, Oil Colour painting, Paper Craft, Quelling, 3D painting, Glass painting and much more. At the end of the workshop each participant would feel creatively empowered, strongly believing in “I must Imagine, I must Create”